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The Night of Farewell


Hi folks. My name is Shawn and I am a resident of Manchester. This is the city where I was born and brought up and needless to say that I am extremely proud of my city. I just cleared my graduation from the Manchester University in the stream of engineering. And today I am going to tell you the story of my graduation night farewell party.

The very important aspect and notion about me is that I’ve always been among some pretty hot ladies. I’ve always been in relationships. In and out. And I am pretty much likable among the circle of girls all my life. But few months back, it happened such that despite of being in a relationship with a girl, I picked another girl at the pub and had a one night stand with her. My bad. I accept to that. But the things got ugly when my girl found it out through my text messages with a friend. And she dumped me. Next what she did was she made me feel even more guilty and helpless when she spread the stories about me and my ways among all the girls of the college. It was a horrible moment for me.

But then I wanted to move on. And now came the real problem. After hearing the spread stories about me, no girl wanted to date me. I was feeling so alone and helpless. And the farewell night was also approaching. I wanted to take a girl at the party. But I had none.

In such a moment, Shush Manchester escort service came to rescue me. This is a well known escort service in Manchester which provide elite escort models in Manchester.  I narrated my requirements to them and the responded affirmatively. I surfed their website and picked a really hot looking girl. The deal was done. On the night of farewell, my hired escort arrived at my address. It took her a while to sunk into my ways and lifestyle. And then we drove off to the party venue.

As I got down from my car, every eyeball was giving me a stare. Precisely her. She was such a girl whome every guy would like to date and every girl would be jealous of. I even heard the whispers, “Who’s that girl!?” and “Shawn has some real chick magnet in his trouser.” And that made me proud. That boosted my demeaned self esteem.

I took her to party. We held hands. She danced with me. And I even saw jealousy and rage overflowing from the eyes of my ex. And I was enjoying the sensations. Everything was perfect. I signaled my woman to entice more jealousy in the onlookers. And getting my signal, the way she grabbed and caressed my crotch left every one open mouthed. The sensation was amazing.

Finally the party got done and I took my escort to my place. We had some really nasty cum quality time together. And finally she left at dawn. It was a good night indeed.

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