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Manchester – City is All About Football

Football is also one of the oldest sports like Cricket, but Cricket is not so famous in Manchester, what people choose over Cricket there is Football, it is one of the most loved sport in Manchester.

It all started in 1880 when the history of Football in Manchester begin to take off, it all started by Reverend Connell and William Beastow who founded the club as St. Mark’s in 1880 in Gorton, Manchester. These great persons knew that the City was all about Football and took a brave step towards the history; they were the one who started all.

The club grew on a really rapid pace and it became somewhat settle in 1895, within a year, so of the club’s inception, Manchester City club attracted so much fans and crowd towards their passion and dedication towards Football, and showed them how well they can play, the crowd loved it and praised it very much. Club attracted 20,000 crowd which was the biggest attendance of that time, The Manchester city supporters were well known for their enthusiasm and the furious response to their team, they created the loud atmosphere at Hyde Road; they sometimes can in Fancy Dress too! And sometimes with drums with them, anyhow they wanted to cheer up their favourite team and support them and make them win the match. The crowd was as much famous as the team was at that time, it was a huge achievement for the team and as well as for the fans of the Manchester City F.C.

They won the Second Division in 1899 which gave the club their first honours and promotion to highest level in English football, the First Division. It was a proud moment for the team, their work finally paid off.

The City kept promoting their work, passion and the team on the pitch and off the pitch, and finally in the year of 1904, they won the FA Cup, which was the first success they ever had.

After becoming the champion, team also face some allegations which was a huge down fall for the team, in between the year 1904-1905 team faced some corruption in the team itself and one of the player was fined for the same. The team refused to pay for the player and the question raised in the whole Football club about if Manchester City was clean or not. Everyone were even doubting on the success the team got so soon and how it got in level with big teams, all the questions led towards, the team was corrupted. And unfortunately the team was found guilty.

When the Football association started an investigation on the team, they found that the team was paying externally to the players and Football association forced them to sell the players. The period continued to 1907.

In 1926 the team drew everyone’s attention, though they did not win the FA cup but they scored 31 goals in just 5 matches.

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It is really very fascinating journey the team faced and it is continuing the brilliance, they still have souvenirs saved in the city where every Football fan should go and witness the greatness.

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