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Great Lover or Partner: Here is the Difference Revealed by CIE

Great Lover

Being in a relationship with someone, whether it is purely for physical gratification or involves emotional compatibility, is complicated and different for each and every person. What one person expects in such a situation is vastly different from the expectations of another.

That being said, there are certain things one can do that could mean the difference between being a good partner and a great partner. Think about it – you can either make your partner content with you or leave them wanting for more and thinking about you for most of their time.

We asked our escorts for their opinion on these matters and they stunned us with their voluminous responses. Here are some of the things mentioned by the Chelsea Incall Escorts(CIE) that could mean the difference between being a good lover and a great lover –

  1. Respond, don’t react – This is an answer that is common among most of our in call escorts. When we react, we usually say or do things on an impulse. This is a practice that may work on some occasions and situations but most of the times, the situations that arise out of a coupling require one to be attentive to the details. This means that you should carefully consider all of the options before choosing your consequent words or actions.
  2. Listen – Having great listening skills is something that will help you in any situation and not just a relationship. When you listen to someone intently, you get a real idea of what they actually want or expect. Most of our life revolves around figuring out the expectations of others along with our own. The next time you book one of our beautiful in call Chelsea escorts and want to make her feel good and valued, listen to what she has to say.
  3. Be polite – Politeness always goes a long way in making a great impression in front of anyone. You could’ve easily gotten the things for which you were rude and impolite; by being polite. Treat your woman well – open the door for her, offer her the seat etc. Basically all of the things that your teachers in school used to nag you about are true. Be kind and polite with your Chelsea escort and she will repay you with all the pleasure in the world.
  4. Humour – Be humorous! Studies from all over the world show that people tend to gravitate towards other people that have a sense of humour and can make them laugh. Just relax and observe the situation and the surroundings. The jokes will start flowing as soon as you stop worrying and just relax. Make her laugh intermittently while listening to her stories and opinions. Remember to respond and not react.
  5. Attentive – This is one of the most important things a person can do when on a date or with their better half. If your desire is to have a meaningful time and avoid any unpleasant situations with your partner or lover then be attentive! Pay attention to everything they do and say and you can guarantee yourself a great time. Girls love attention. If you shower your lover with attention she will eventually match that attention with her own and the two of you can be cocooned within each other’s attention.
  6. Respectful – If you are thinking of booking one of our Chelsea Incall escorts and treating them well then be sure to be respectful. If there’s something more than attention that girls crave, it is respect. Be kind and respectful of their opinions and their lives. Although you may have booked them for a duration, that certainly doesn’t give you any right to be disrespectful or treat them any less than you would treat your own friends. Let’s face the truth: respect begets respect and disrespect begets disrespect.

All of the above mentioned qualities and behaviours are what separates the good partner or lover form the great one. If you really want to be the reason for the twinkle in the eyes of your partner or escort then you better take all of the pointers seriously. Also, the amount of fun that you will have shall increase manifold once you start following the pointers diligently.

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