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An Unforgettable Night


My name is Alex. I am a 24-year-old man who is single off-late.

I am born and brought up in Manchester, England. I would like mention here that I am proud to be a British.

I would also like to make it clear over here that my folks are after my ass as they want to know why I am not dating anyone. Or if I’m sexually alright or not? Whatever. I am unapologetic about what they think and how they think.

I’m happy with my single status. And I am a writer, by profession.  So when my cousin — who regularly make fun of me for my single status and a sexual life — invited me to his 2nd-anniversary party of his 2-year-old relationship with his girlfriend, I did not want to go at first, knowing I’d be mainly among couples.

I wished to bring a girl with me to dumbfound my cousin, but I had no one: I currently am not dating anyone seriously, and the only female friends I have are either lesbian or already in a dating relationship.

And then a shining idea stroke my brain: I would hire someone to go with me and pose as my girlfriend for the night. But then I am too lazy an ass.

I’m already fed up of hearing, “You’re pretty cool and smart, so why can’t you find a girl?” People just don’t hesitate to ask questions like this to a single man without thinking to consider how they feel.

Well, for that matter, I feel a bit flamboyant as I don’t give a heed to society. I feel like changing the rules. To be very honest, I’ve reached a point where I was so pissed off with the monotony of my love life that I was willing to try anything and everything once.

Tinder happens to be one of the options. Other option included picking up of any random chick from any random bar.But somehow I did not want to take these options.

Hence I decided to take some other path. I dropped demanded amount of money to an escort agency, Cheap Manchester Escorts.  Yes, you read that correctly. I rented a girl. is an escort service that “rents out” beautiful women for a reasonable price. My initial choice was a hot, blonde girl with a bun, but she was unavailable at that moment. Hence Cheap Manchester gave me a new chick suiting my needs and requirements.

Her name was Molly. She was from Liverpool and she had come to Manchester to become a model. Being a woman with long legs, she stood at an impressive 5’10, just a few inches shorter than me.

She wore an exotic smell.  There was no question: The woman was strikingly sexy as for my standards, the reason being I am just a mediocre guy in the department of looks.  Although, we managed to make a nice couple.

She came to meet me at my apartment, giving me just enough time to let her sink into my life. I told her that I’m a writer seeking for a good story, and fortunately, she was patient enough to listen and understand.

“You’re sweet,” she said. I gave her a pleasant smile.

We reached the destination, where my cousin and his friends were already waiting. I went, greeted them and introduced my date. They shook her hand in awe and approval.

“See that babe over there?” I whispered to Molly, pointing to my cousin’s friend. “We’ve had crushes on each other forever, but I couldn’t make a move, and now she is dating my cousin’s friend.”

“Got it,” she said. She began touching my neck, and my stubble chin and looking at me naughtily. I was smiling. I knew my cousin and his friends will be oozing with jealousy after this act of Molly. And I was kind of enjoying that sensation.

Molly was extremely humble, charming and needless to say – hot. She was a lady in every sense of the word. She helped me with my coat and placed her head on my shoulder, giving me occasional chills by moving her hands on my thigh.

Needless to say, she was a woman out of my league, and I could never date a girl like her, but I found her lack of complication intriguing. She once, during the party amidst an intriguing conversation with me, told me that she wanted to get married someday and it was good to hear that. Might be I was under the influence of drinks but would confess that I fell in love for the night.

Glasses after glasses of wine kept on flowing through the night. I was the envy of everyone in the room because she had shifted her weight on my lap. Molly was the girl every guy wanted to have in their arm, and every girl would be jealous of.

When the party ended, my cousin wanted to have a word with me. “Dude, you made me proud,” he said. “You found some really hot chick.” I was really glad to hear the validation from my cousin. It was ear pleasing in so many ways.

I finally waved goodbye to my cousin’s friends and grabbed Molly’s hand. She locked her fingers into mine and it felt good. And though I didn’t look back, I knew everyone watched us go.

As midnight crept up, we prepared goodbyes.

“So… Would you like to come to my apartment? I’m just going to drink on the rooftop,” I invited her to my place.

As long as you are paying for my time!” she chuckled.

And we both headed inside my apartment.

She had stayed for a total of three hours. And it was great to spend some quality time with a young escort woman


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